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The Islands Company

Our Values


The Islands Company is importing and distributing authentic products originated in islands located in South Indian Ocean.


The Islands Company is selecting the best suppliers, which can offer constant premium quality products. The logistic chain is controlled from harvesting to final delivery. Through new direct air routes to Asia (not with the usual stop-over in Europe), we save time and avoid manipulation, which result in fresher and non-damaged goods.


The islands where we source our products display a fragile ecosystem. We are engaged in preserving it by selecting suppliers respectful of sustainable agricultural practices. All our fruits are grown without pesticides and hand-harvested. Our optimized air route to Asia divides by 3 the usual distance covered to bring these exceptional products to our customers in Asia.

The Islands Company

Our Clients

The Islands Company's products are selected to satisfy to the most demanding customers. They are all top quality products that could not be easily found in Asia. Our improved logistic and quality control procedures ensure the freshest arrival.

We primarily supply fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels and membership clubs. Executive chefs and pastry chefs recognize the excellence of the products and the service. Given the number of “foodies fan” in Hong Kong, and the fact that the demand for premium & special products is very high, we also started to sell in Gourmet Retail stores and High-end supermarkets.